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A 'Thank You' Concert for all the Family
4pm, 10 November 2024

See you Sunday November 10th, for our 'Thank you' Family  Concert at Mittagong RSL at 4.00pm

Come and celebrate with our First Responders, Volunteers and Service organisations at Mittagong RSL for a                    fabulous family concert dedicated to saying thank you and showing our gratitude. 

Including once again the beautiful young Angels, (200 children dressed as Angels from Thspa, the Girl Guides, Scouts, Shyaak), who will participate in the event, as well as local, National and International guests soon to be announced!

Watch our video!

Angels in our town don't always wear wings...

Empowering Southern Highlands Communities & Thanking Our Heroes

Angels in Our Town is a cultural community event acknowledging and celebrating our first responders, volunteers and service organisations — the Angels in our Town. Held in the towns and villages of the Southern Highlands.

Angels in Our Town brings an energy and palpable sense of joy, fun, connection and love throughout the community.

It will involve first responders, RFS/SES, Fire & Rescue, the NSW police, Paramedics, nurses, health workers, primary and secondary children, school teachers; service groups such as CWA, OZ Harvest, First Nations groups, performing arts groups, musicians, choirs, creative artists ...... and YOU!

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Saturday 10 November, 2023

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The Angels in our Town don't always wear wings, but they are definitely watching over us.

Antoinette Sampson, Founder.

Listen to our song!

Angels in Our Town
By Julie Haseler Reilly

Well Yasmine, she is a doctor
And Tarak, he’s a nurse
They worked so hard to keep us well Though out that covid curse.
The Para medic teams
That come to our rescue
Deserve a little Christmas
For all the things they do...

There are angels in our town There are angels in our town
We give them thanks at Christmas

They keep us safe and sound

There are angels in our town

There are angels in our town
Just take a look and you will see

They’re walking all around.

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Tax deductible donation to The Southern Highlands Foundation, Angels in Our Town appeal


Angels in Our Town


Phone: 0410 543 664

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