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Family Concert

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The Southern Highlands says ‘thanks’ to the

Angels in Our Town

A 'Thank You' Family Concert will be held on 10 November 2024 at 4.00 pm at Mittagong RSL, tto celebrate and thank our first responders, front line workers service organisations and volunteers, our Angels.  

“How much ‘giving’ does it take to hold up a community? 

It is important for us to give thanks and make visible these members of our community. 

It is important for them to be seen and counted.”

Participants in the Angels in Our Town Parade to date include:

  • Fire brigade members and fire truck

  • Police-on foot  

  • Police car 

  • Mounted Police

  • State Emergency Services and SES truck

  • Rural Fire Services and fire truck

  • Paramedics

  • Red Cross

  • Lions Club

  • Country Womens Association

  • OZ Harvest

  • Medical Workers

  • Teachers

  • Volunteers-small groups and individuals and more.....

If we haven’t yet contacted you we are trying to!
PLEASE click on the button below and join the parade.

Listen to our song!

Angels in Our Town
By Julie Haseler Reilly

Well Yasmine, she is a doctor
And Tarak, he’s a nurse
They worked so hard to keep us well Though out that covid curse.
The Para medic teams
That come to our rescue
Deserve a little Christmas
For all the things they do...

There are angels in our town There are angels in our town
We give them thanks at Christmas

They keep us safe and sound

There are angels in our town

There are angels in our town
Just take a look and you will see

They’re walking all around.

We Need Your Support Today!

Tax deductible donation to The Southern Highlands Foundation, Angels in Our Town appeal

Angels in Our Town


Phone: 0410 543 664

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