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Who We Are

Our story so far...


Antoinette Sampson and Julie Haseler Reilly co-founded Angels in our Town in 2022 in response to the isolation and introspection of Covid lockdowns and the huge challenges of floods and fires that the whole of the community experienced in the Southern Highlands over the last five years.


Angels in our Town 2022 was a huge success bringing 35 organisations together such as police, RFS, SES, paramedics, Red Cross, CWA, with 250 children dressed as Angels, mounted police, stilt walkers, horse and carriages and many more.  600 marchers in total!


The Angels in our Town Parade and Concert is a way to reset and to re-build community connection and resilience and to fill up the volunteers and service organisations and all of the front line workers with gratitude and the heartfelt understanding that we all stand with them and support them in their efforts to protect and care for us.

To uplift and ignite joy happiness and gratitude from all of the towns and villages of the Southern Highlands for the sacrifice and generosity of our First Responders volunteers and service organisations: to say thank you personally for all that they do for us.

Whilst Julie Haseler Reilly has chosen not to work directly on the event this year,  Antoinette has found that it is her passion and her work to bring this event again to the Southern Highlands in 2023 and ongoing into the future.

“None of us know what is ahead, but with a strong community and a belief that we all stand together, we can manage and overcome anything. Angels in our Town Parade and Concert is held at the beginning of the holiday season on December 2nd to signify the start of our end of year celebrations and our opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has helped us during the year.  To reflect for just a moment on the bravery and sacrifice that is made on our behalf.  It seems to me that it’s a perfect way to end our year and to bring in the season of love, gratitude, joy, happiness and unity to the whole Southern Highlands region."

And why Angels?  Well,  Angels represent the highest ideals and values of kindness, protection, valour and benevolent help. 


Well here in the Southern Highlands and indeed across Australia we have our “Earth Angels"  working for us everyday, our first responders and volunteers organisations and people.  We are extremely blessed that this army of unseen and unsung heroes gives us their time, their expertise and their love to keep us safe.


The least we can do is to say thank you! 

We believe we can all build stronger and more resilient communities by celebrating and honouring the wonderful people who step up and take care of us... the Angels in Our Town.

Our Mission

Our Goal

We want to thank and acknowledge and celebrate all of the thousands of unseen heroes, first responders such as RFS, Fire and Rescue, Paramedics, Police, SES, Nurses and doctors, as well as all of the service organisations, for example, CWA, Lions Club, Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Father Riley, to name just a few,  who help to look after all of us here in The Southern Highlands.

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Angels in Our Town

Our Vision

To thank all of those who keep us safe, in so many ways, support the sick, encourage the hopeless and uplift those that are in need of help.  To encourage connection, kindness and gratitude within all of our communities. To really bring joy and peace to the towns of the Southern Highlands whilst strengthening the fabric of our communities, to build resilience, respect and support for each other.

We Need Your Support Today!

Tax deductible donation to The Southern Highlands Foundation, Angels in Our Town appeal

Angels in Our Town


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