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Archangel Sponsors


Blue Light Card

Blue Light Card is the discount service for frontline workers and emergency volunteers. We say ‘thank you’ to those carrying out some of the most important work in our community by helping our members save money on products and services across Australia through a range of discounts and offers.


Sign up with a one-off $9.95 fee for 2-year access at or through our app.


Springette's Arcade

The historic Springett’s Arcade was first established as a general store in 1926. Two decades later the Springett Family expanded this general store to include a bakery and soft-drinks plant (Passiona). In 1972 the Springett Family officially opened Springett’s Arcade.


Today the Springett’s family members continue to manage this iconic building with 50+ shops and services in the heart of Bowral.  This perfectly enclosed building with light and bright skylights provides a pleasant one-stop shopping experience featuring favourite brands including Just Jeans, Noni and The Athletes Foot, Bakers Delight Bakery, Amcal Pharmacy and The Source Bulk Foods, plus, specialty retail including gourmet butcher, organic chocolate shop, gift store, bespoke fashion boutiques.  A destination, the arcade also boasts three cafes and dining-in options with fabulous fish tank.  It also provides home bases for professional services including hairdressers, beauty, non-profit, financial, travel, banking, medical and so much more.


Alka Power

Founded by Steve and Rebecca Pettaras , Alka Power is Australia’s number one alkaline water brand. Available in all major and independent grocery stores Nationally. Proudly 100% Australian owned, Alka Power’s unique natural process of drawing Highland’s spring water, then infusing with unique sourced marine minerals which raise the high pH9-10 naturally. We produce our BPA, BPF and BPS free bottles in-house. Our 1.5 litre bottles are produced with 100% r-PET (recycled Plastic). Alka Power’s success story is its unique smooth crisp refreshing taste.. A proud local business promoting the Southern Highlands. 


Bowral Bricks

Bowral Bricks has a proud history of brickmaking spanning over 100 years. Founded in 1922, Bowral Bricks are known as Australia’s most prestigious range of clay bricks and pavers. The company has a well-established national presence with distribution in every state of Australia & Internationally. Bowral Bricks is proud to have collaborated with some of Australia’s leading architects over the last 100 years.

Bowral Bricks.png

Millenium Pictures

Andrew Blaxland and Posie Graeme-Evans are co-principals of Millennium Pictures, a film and television production company with a 30 year history. They are delighted to have moved to the Southern Highlands and to have become a part of its vibrant creative community.

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